"Working with Kay on our house project was a pleasure and we can't imagine doing it without 3D imaging and her expertise.  She spent hours with us online making innumerable changes and always got back to us immediately to answer questions.  This is the best money we spent on the house and an absolute bargain."

I am loving every bit of this whole process!! We are so glad we did this. It is so much easier to make these decisions when you see it in 3D!


…I was thinking, boy, I wish there was a way to see what my house looked like before it was being built. So, I did some research, and wham, there on the Internet was your company. …  you've saved me a whole mess of trouble when I build, actually, I could build in absence and still get exactly what I want - because of you.


"Worth every penny. It was such a pleasure working with someone with the patience, attention to detail, and who exhibited the kind of exuberance in the project that cannot be emulated, but should always be.  Thanks again. I will keep you updated through the building process. Expect many emails and lots of pictures."

Thank you so much for putting the divided light transoms and the clear panes below.  The picture looks so good; I think I can use it to convince my husband.


Thank you again for all your work, I don't think the kitchen would be nearly as well designed if you didn't do it!  I can't wait to show my family.  We will send you pictures to keep you up-dated.


Just want to drop you a quick line to express how beautiful your work is and how blessed we are that your rates are affordable to us.  You are like a gift that keeps on giving.  You have helped bring this home to life and helped us see what the 2Ds could not.  We are so excited to build this home and cannot wait to send you real life photos someday.


Irish cream glaze is much better with the granite....I guess that is why this process works!