Should you have 3D renderings created before you build? 

3DPlanView has been doing 3Ds for decades, and we have not talked to a single person who says, “Nah, I would rather NOT have 3D pictures of my home because I want the house to be a BIG ole surprise when it is done.”  People who are building want to see 3D pictures BEFORE construction begins.

3Ds save money.  When it is time to cut dollars from a construction budget, 3Ds may seem like too much of a luxury.  The opposite is true.  A 3DPlanView client summed up the value of the 3Ds.  "If a person is looking to save money by NOT having 3D renderings done, they just THINK they are saving money."  3Ds virtually eliminate costly changes during construction. One avoided change order during construction can easily recoup the price of 3D renderings.

3Ds eliminate doubts.  Individuals building their dream home benefit greatly from 3D renderings.  Many architects do not provide 3D renderings.  Clients are filled with doubt. Their architect is telling them to trust his vision, but the home buyers are not clear on what the architect has shown them.  Each party has their own ideas, but nobody “sees” what the others are thinking.  After clients view their 3Ds,  they often LOVE the home their architect has drawn.  HOWEVER, If there are areas that they do not love, these can be modified virtually, viewed in 3D, and then changed on the blueprint.  After the completion of a 3D project, our clients become excited rather than fearful about the home build.  Clients report that the 3Ds give them something to "hold them over" while their home is under construction.  Individuals who have a set of 3D renderings prior to a build are less stressed during the build. 

3Ds help communicate. Building a home can put extreme strain on a relationship.  3D renderings often help couples make compromises that would not have otherwise been possible.  The problem is not in the design idea, the problem is lack of understanding.  Often, after seeing a 3D of what one spouse wants, the other happily agrees.  All who have 3D renderings done say that they would NEVER attempt to build again without them.  3Ds provide a clear understanding of what your home will look like.  Understanding leads to peace of mind.  

3Ds generate interest. If you are a builder or developer you know the power of a beautifully decorated, actual, model home.  They are a proven tool for selling in a new neighborhood.  Actual model homes incur up front costs of construction and decoration.  Actual model homes also incur ongoing costs for cleaning, security, insurance, and eventual updating.  A 3D virtual model home is far more economical.  3Ds can be used over and over to pre-sell multiple neighborhoods.  They can be economically updated if the builder chooses to make changes to a plan they offer.   When a builder physically builds only one or two model homes, some potential buyers will not like what they see and look elsewhere.  Because the cost of a virtual model home is far lower, a builder can show the great features and beauty of all the plans offered in the neighborhood.

3Ds are good for buyer and builder.  Builders welcome buyers who have 3D renderings in hand.  They know these clients have thought through their wish list in great detail.  They have pondered all the options and are at peace with their final decision.  The builder has a full color picture of what their client wants. There is no fuzzy area because client and builder have a common vision to work toward.  3Ds virtually eliminate change orders so a project is delivered on time and on budget.   A builder summed up a 3DPlanView project with this statement:  "Communication is the key to building client trust and building a home the client loves.  There is no better way to communicate than 3DPlanView pictures." 

Over and over we hear from our clients,
"The money we spent to have 3DPlanView create 3D images of our blueprint was the best money we spent on our entire home build!"