3DPlanView Rendering Style Options

3D projects can be produced as "Draft Renderings" and/or "Production Renderings

"Draft Renderings" and "Production Renderings" are similar in the following ways:

  • Both are available for interior and exterior renderings

  • Both require a home's virtual 3D model be constructed

  • Both can be furnished or un-furnished.

  • Both can have custom furniture, appliances, fixtures or building materials installed.

  • Both can have landscaping.

  • Both can have 360 panoramas to create authentic virtual views.

  • Both show how the rooms relate, and give you a sense of space

  • Both can help you decide if changes are needed to your floorplan

  • Both can assist in decor and design


How Do "Draft" and "Production" Renderings Differ? 

Accuracy of Light Bounce and Reflections, or Photo-Realness

Draft Renderings:

  • Less photo real than "Production Renderings"

  • Less expensive to create than "Production Renderings"

  • Quicker to produce than "Production Renderings"

  • Are often bought by individuals who are trying to work out room sizes and placement.

Production Renderings:

  • Require additional prep and processing after export to secondary rendering software

  • Sun, lighting, reflections, surfaces, and textures all optimized for a realistic look

  • Produce highly realistic building products that assist in decor and design decisions

  • "Production Rendering" projects also include "Draft Rendering" as previews.

  • Are preferred over draft renderings when marketing a property


Draft Rendering

Production Rendering