Example House Remodel

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Link to Exterior Pan Around

This example shows two versions of a remodel using existing attic space. 
First plan involves less re-work of the roof, but does not gain as much space as the second more complicated roof remodel. 

Stairs and New Pantry
Island Modifications

Floor Plan with Stairs

Facing Front of House
Child is 3ft tall
Bed is 54" tall

Original Roof 6/12
Shed Roof 3/12
At exterior wall there
is enough room for a 24" tall window


South with 24" Upper Windows

with 36" Window



Extended Rafters - Higher Ridge Beam - Roof Pitched up from Garage Roof Plane. 
Does not add much to materials - House front is symmetrical
Ceiling height up to 9 ft at Ridge. 

Link to Exterior Pan-Around of Alternate - Taller Attic - Plan


Framing Exterior Walls Pan-Around

Framing Roof Pan-Around

Cross Section North Wall

3D View of North Wall

Cross Section South Wall

3D View of South Side Wall

Cross Section East Wall

3D View of East Back Wall

Cross Section West Wall

3D View of West Front Wall

2nd Floor Made into Rooms

2nd Floor with 2 Bedrooms, 2 Closets and Learning Center


If a 36" wide staircase is built, you may want to consider using a shallower pantry.  I showed both a 24" and a 15".  You could just go with an 18", that might be a good compromise. 
Having a less deep pantry will open up the area as you go from the foyer into the stair/kitchen area

15 inch deep pantry -36 inch wide stairs

24 inch deep pantry - 36 inch wide stairs


With vanity area and shower inset into bedroom 3 closet

With shower inset into bedroom 3 closet -
glass shower wall

With shower inset into bedroom 3 closet - wall all tile, no glass
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