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Replication of Materials

(Materials are colors and textures you see on the surfaces of your 3D model.)

Send all information to:

3DPlanView will create building materials and/or fabrics
 to your specifications if suitable photos are submitted. 
(Exact fee for such replications will be determined after 3DPlanView reviews the submitted information.)


  • Submit model number, manufacturer, and color. 

  • Send URL link. 

  • Include photos of the items with your request.

  • Photos can be from manufacturer or you may take the photos. (See example photos below.)

Tips for photographing or selecting images that work the best for 3D materials:
  • High resolution (1to 2 MB)

  • Try to get good detail, but also a large sample of building material. For example, a brick wall should be photographed from 10 to 20 feet away.  Taking more than one photo of your wall or floor is a good idea.

  • Avoid images with reflections or glare.

  • Subject matter needs to be lit well lit, but avoid areas that have cast shadows on them.  A bright, slightly overcast day works well.

  • Keep your camera lenses flat to the subject matter.  Best images are parallel and perpendicular to the surface.  The mortar on your stone or brick should look either flat or straight up and down, not skewed.

  • Fabric or upholstery swatches should be totally flat.  Make sure you include a complete repeat of the pattern.

  • A large sample works better than a small sample ( Example: an image showing a 6 foot by 6 foot section of floor is better than an image of just one tile.)

  • Images may be submitted in .jpg, or .png


Taken perpendicular to the fabric with no shadows or flash.

This photo is good because it shows a complete pattern repeat. 
This photo would be better if the pattern were straight, vertical and horizontally. 
It can be adjusted and will make a satisfactory 3D fabric material.


A larger sample showing a complete pattern repeat would be better.
Flat, without any wrinkles or shadows would be better.

This photo that could be used as a rug's surface, in a 3D model.








In the case of a 3D material surface, every effort will be made to match your item, but the surface will only be as exact as the source information a client submits for us to work with. 

There will always be slight differences. 

  • When creating a picture that will be used as a surface in your 3D, the color, tone, and texture totally depend on the submitted photo quality, resolution and color. 

  • There may also be differences created by the computer, monitor, and video card used to display the images.


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