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Step 1

You request a quote:

  • Send us your blueprint or floorplan ideas and request a quote.

  • We contact you for further information, if needed.

  • We use your plan and info to create a project quote.

  • Client approves quote and pays down payment.


Step 2

We build the virtual 3D model:

  • Using your blueprint, we construct your home as a digital 3D model.

  • We virtually "build" your entire house, or just the rooms you wish to see.

  • We follow the same dimensions and specifications your builder will follow when he builds on your lot.


Step 3

We add details to your virtual model:

  • Based on locations shown on the blueprint, 3DPlanView will choose and install building materials, appliances, and fixtures to fit the home's style.

  • 3D project will not include furniture unless requested.

Detail Options:

  • A client may choose furnishings from the 3DPlanView collections

  • A client may submit general inspiration photos for 3DPlanView to follow regarding building materials, appliances, fixtures, furnishings and decor.

  • A client may submit specific information for 3DPlanView to follow regarding building materials, appliances, fixtures, furnishings and decor.

(Read more about customizations, similar match and replications.)


Step 4

We "photograph" your virtual house:

  • A photograph of a virtual 3D model is known as a "3D rendering." 

  • 3D renderings will show you what your house will look like when it is built.

  • These 3D renderings can be created having different levels of realism.

"Draft" renderings are the default style of rendering

  • Draft renderings clearly show a floorplan's space and flow.

  • Draft renderings are perfect for working out details of a floor plan.

  • Draft renderings are created during the projects development and used to communicate questions and verify client's instructions.

  • Draft renderings are used as previews for production renderings.

"Production" renderings are optional

  • Production renderings accurately show lighting, reflections, shadows and textures of the building materials and furnishings.

  • Production renderings are more photo-real than draft renderings.


Step 5 (Optional)

You may request to see different versions of your home:

  • If you choose to view your 3D model with different building materials, fixtures, appliances, or furniture, you can submit a request for these changes and new renderings.

  • We will give you a quote for making the changes and creating new renderings.

  • Fee for changes will be added to your invoice balance. 


Step 6 (Optional)

Your 3D renderings can be assembled into media presentations.

2D line drawing graphic for marketing

Dollhouse renderings also known as a 3D floorplan

Virtual tour presentation

Interactive virtual tour with floorplan

YouTube video.

Step 7

Delivery and Payment

Balance Payment will be due when project is completed

A "Client Page," and/or a "Dropbox" file share folder will be created for your project. 

All 3D renderings and 3D media created by 3DPlanView will be in digital format and posted for download.

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